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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

It is a network connected sprinkler timer and components that minimizes overwatering. Your system will be controlled from the convenience of your smart phone. It is also paired with your network and the weather channel recognizing current weather forecast and will skip watering when appropriate during rain. It also has a calendar feature that allows you to see history of watering cycles among other features.

Xeriscaping is the practice of landscaping with slow-growing, drought tolerant plants to conserve water and reduce yard trimmings. From the beginning, a landscape can be designed to reduce the amount of resources needed to maintain it and the amount of waste it produces. Typically we do all planting in a bed of gravel so there is little to no maintenance long term.

Our footings are 10” wide and 25” deep with 100lbs of concrete per post. We also block the inside of every post with a pvc block that our fasteners pass through into both top rails keeping everything tied together inside of posts. This keeps rails from popping out while flexing during wind.

Proper drainage is of utmost importance when grading. We address rain gutters by burring them and installing emitters on the end away from foundation allowing water to drain properly. We use a skid steer to grade ground with at least a 3% fall from home before applying an adequate layer of topsoil. We spread the nutrient rich screened topsoil with machinery then rake by hand to achieve a nice soft surface for sod or seed to thrive.

Creating a beautiful and functional landscape is an exciting process! But with so many steps involved, you might wonder about the proper sequence to achieve the best possible outcome. This FAQ will guide you through the recommended order of a landscape installation, ensuring each element is addressed in the most efficient and effective way.

1. Rough grade
2. Fence
3. Concrete & Irrigation
4. Xeriscaping
5. Final Grade
6. Decorative Rock, mulch, and curbing.
7. Sod.

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