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Seamless Hardscaping Installation in Weber County, UT

For over 20 years, Yellowstone Fence Sprinkler and Landscaping has been the premier provider of concrete, patio paver, and hardscaping installation for homes in Weber County, UT, and surrounding areas. We’re a one-stop, family-owned and operated landscaping contractor that’s earned top ratings throughout the state for our exceptional craft and installations. Whether you want a walkway, driveway, deck, retaining wall or garden edging for your new construction, our team will work diligently to deliver you nothing short of excellent service.

back yard patio

Reinforce Your Landscape With Quality Concrete

Our concrete installations are exceptionally durable and are used to construct and support a wide range of structures, including the following:

  • RV Pads: Park and operate your RV on a smooth, durable surface.
  • Walkways: Navigate your patios and outdoor spaces safely and easily.
  • Driveways: Enter and exit your home with a customized concrete driveway.
  • Patios: Enjoy summertime fun and relaxation with a concrete-based patio area.
  • Pool Decking: Ensure safety and create beauty for your outdoor pool.
front paver

Walk Effortlessly With Patio Pavers

We deliver and install a wide range of top-quality patio pavers. Choose from one or more of the following to bring your dream outdoor space to life:

  • Brick Pavers: Brick comes in earthy tones and can be laid in different patterns, adding charm and character to outdoor spaces.
  • Stone Pavers: Stone pavers such as slate, limestone, flagstone, and granite, provide an elegant and natural-looking appearance.
  • Plastic Pavers: Often used for temporary or lightweight applications, plastic pavers can be a cost-effective solution that delivers lasting results.

Durable, Long-Lasting, Top-Tier Hardscapes

We install hardscaping structures and features for the following project types:

Patio Construction

Build your new patio the way you always envisioned.


We’ll help you cultivate a deck area your family will enjoy for years.

Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls provide durable, lasting protection and soil quality.

Garden Edging

Define your garden's borders with metal, stone, brick, or concrete edging.

Stone and Masonry

We’ll install stone and mason structures that add depth to your outdoors.

Complete Your Outdoor Space With Us

Get your landscaping and hardscapes off to the right start by choosing Yellowstone Fence Sprinkler and Landscaping for your needs. Our team deploys the latest equipment and technology to bring dream outdoor spaces to life. We use eco-conscious materials and methods to protect people and the environment and make homes more sustainable. When you come to us and explain your unique vision, we’ll begin gathering the right tools, materials, and crew members to make it a reality. You can trust Utah’s top-rated landscaping company to fulfill your needs.

Achieve the Perfect Outdoor Space Today